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Do you feel that there may be a whole world beyond your normal teaching routine? Do you harbour an unfulfilled need to break out and broaden your horizons? Perhaps you are already overseas but you are seeking to use your skills and expertise in teaching in a different country or different school? 

Teachers have said:

” My experience with Whitley Recruitment was remarkable; they served as an advocate for what I desired in a job. The decision to go with Whitley Recruitment was the right decision and I would, without hesitation, recommend them to others.”   Christopher Bennett, Principal

“My move to Asia [via Whitley Recruitment] has been a wonderful experience……  I am excited at working with other nationalities to produce nothing but the best.  Thank you, Whitley Recruitment!” Jodi Ann Douglas, Primary teacher

Whitley International Recruitment can help

We too have a need. A need to reach out to first-rate overseas schools, seeking to match them to high-quality, world-class candidates such as yourselves.

As an agency with 25 years of leadership experience, spanning 3 continents, we provide the perfect home to an ever-increasing volume of exceptional teachers. And our quest is to help locate good overseas teaching jobs.

We have the expertise to be able to navigate the cultural issues that can influence recruitment and can assist you when it comes to the complexities of the visa process.

With Whitley, you’ll be in safe hands, ready to begin or continue your journey into the educational unknown.

So what exactly can you expect from our agency?

Now, if you’ve decided to extend your teaching to a career abroad or have already “been there, done that”, but want to experience more, there’ll be lots of things you’ll want to consider.

Making such a dedicated, life-changing decision can be both exhilarating and exciting, but also daunting and sometimes confusing. We want to help you feel at ease when considering such an experience.

This is why we utilise our in-depth understanding and well-honed insight into taking your expertise exactly to where it will be appreciated. Into a position where you will feel supported, valued and understood. After all, we are Your Recruiter in the Field.

So, just how to we help get you there? Read on to see how our aims are manifested in many of our key benefits.

Locating the ideal opportunity for you

We know that no two teachers are the same, and neither are the positions you’ll be looking for. After you contact us, we will arrange a time to talk to you, to find out more about you and your strengths, to understand more fully what you are looking for. We then search high and low, striving only to find the most suitable vacancies. We make sure to match your specific needs to the needs of the school.

Never forgetting the culture

In a land that doesn’t quite yet feel like home, you’ll be keen to gain an understanding of the local culture before leaping into the unknown. We cover all bases, quite literally and are sure to inform you on the environment in which the school or schools are situated.

Taking the hassle out of application and interview

Once we have located your ideal opportunity, our next job will be to forward your CV for consideration by the school. We then take the necessary steps to arrange your interview with the school. After the interview, we will request feedback from the school, and from you. When the school makes an offer, subject to obtaining good references, we will forward this to you and return your considered response back to them.


When it comes to finding your dream role, we understand that this is just one part of the jigsaw puzzle. And no puzzle is complete until the necessary follow-ups have been made.

On acceptance of the position, we will aim to ensure good communication between you and the school.

Applying our advisory expertise

When it comes to both visa processes and the potential cultural issues, we will be there to guide you.

It’s all about communication

Here at Whitley, we understand that communication is one of the fundamental blocks when it comes to building relationships. So we will always maintain good communication until you are “in post”. On acceptance of the position, we will aim to ensure good communication between you and the school.

Interested? Then please forward your CV and covering letter to: or phone: +44 7825869083 for further information.

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